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Related post: Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 14:48:58 -0400 From: Chris Johns Subject: Rehab Pt.2An awful lot of you requested a part 2 to this story, I hope you enjoy it. To teen sex porn movie be honest black teens having sex I have found this very difficult to write so I hope it doesn't fall to far below expectations. It has taken quite a long time to set up the scenario for sex between Tim and Cam and a third party but I couldn't just let them be sluts could I, they orgasmic teen porn are much too nice for that.I don't have an in depth knowledge of psychology so I have no idea if Tim's approach to J's problem is realistic. What it did do was ease me into writing about the two lovers being unfaithful to each other physically. So don't be too critical about this, remember the whole thing is fantasying any way.I found it far easier writing an unplanned second part to "Robbery" which I hope you will all read in Adult Friends.Usual rules everyone, the story is copyright and must not be downloaded or copied for profit.Also of course please leave free porn teen clips this site if it is not legal for you to read homoerotic material.Rehab Pt.2Tim had been an inspiration to Cameron. He was also for a stream of other mainly teenage young men who were emotionally disturbed or had been the subject of abuse. He was the guy that picked up the strays that no one else wanted only it wasn't cats or dogs it was human beings. His success showed in the number of young men that teen photo hunt porn made a point of dropping in on the centre where he worked and there in lay trouble. Cameron realised that he was not a unique case in Tim's work, he was just the lucky one that free iraqi teen porn Tim had fallen in love with. Other young men fell in love with Tim as he had and that worried him. They were never turned away and Cameron would frequently find one or two of them drinking coffee with Tim if he called after work. Cam began to realise over a period of a couple of months that a particular face was almost always near Tim when he called in. That face was always animated and continually seeking Tim's attention. Beard the lion, or something like that Cam thought so one day he did. "Hello, are you one of Dr. Baxter's gay teen porn sites assistants?" knowing full well he wasn't. "Er, no but that is certainly teen porn india an idea, I must ask him." "I don't think you are qualified for what Tim wants." "Really, how would you know." "Tim and I are very good friends, I don't think he has any secrets from me and we discuss our work most days. I know the department wants another psychiatrist but you need a degree in the subject and I am sure you aren't old enough." "And you are I suppose." "Well yes, hardcore porn tryout teen but my degree is in computing so I wouldn't be much use to him either." Despite himself Cameron began to like this young man. He was being particularly sharp but the youngster was maintaining a pleasant demeanour. "My name is Cameron James." "Oh hello, I'm Jeremy Parker but most people just call me J." "Well hello J, so tell me what do you do round here?" "Oh nothing really. Dr. Baxter helped me after my parents were killed and I still like to be fre teen porn movies around him. He's like a big brother, or maybe a young uncle." J laughed and Cameron warmed to him. Tim came over and squeezed Cameron's shoulder. "Hello Cam, you ready for home." "Mmm, I just dropped in to see what time you would be coming and whether you wanted me to get any shopping." "No, I thought we would eat out tonight, Mike told me non nude teen vagina about a new Italian restaurant that has opened in town, thought we ought to try it." "I like Italian as well Dr. Baxter." J interjected. "Yes lots of people do J, that's why I want to try it now before it gets too popular. Have you met my friend." "Oh yes, we're almost old friends now." He laughed and Cam smiled. They left after that and Cam followed Tim home. Once inside the apartment dans movies teen porn Cam started talking about J. "He was one of yours then Tim, like me?" "No lover, more like me. His parents died when their private jet fell out of the sky. He ought to find some useful work to do but he just hangs around the unit all the time. He treats me like a big brother only I think he wants a teen niche porn lot more than brotherly love. He is very wealthy and used to getting what he wants. He'll cool off when he realises I'm not taking him seriously." "Will he Tim? I don't think I would have cooled off if you teen girl interatial porn had sidelined me." "What are you saying Cam?" "Jesus, for a Doctor you can be quite thick at times. I love you, I would die without you. Have you ever considered other guys might feel the same way? You make us teen school girls porn love you, you are just so damned compassionate and caring. How could we not all fall in love with you?" Tim looked concerned. "You think J is in love with me?" "Yes dummy, big teens fuck time." "Oh Christ I never even considered it." "Well done Mr. Bloody brilliant psychiatrist." "Stop it Cam. What am I going to do?" "I don't know lover. In my case I don't think there is anything you could have done. I was lucky, you fell in love with me. Are you going to fall in love with J and start a harem?" "Not funny." Cameron pulled Tim into a serious hug. "I know lover. But you have to think about this. I am sure J is besotted with you, and I bet that if free teen porn xxx I spent a few days with you I would find others. Tim you ooze love, understanding, compassion, no sane person could not fall in love with you. In the four years I have known you I have watched you get better and better at your job. You care, it shows, you wear your heart on your sleeve. I love you more today than I have ever loved you. Tomorrow I will love you more than I do today. I'm not unique J loves you, I would swear to it." The two young men showered and changed ready to go out to eat. Dressed casually in designer couples seduce teen porn clothes teen porn star lez they looked devastating. Cam was beautiful, no other word to describe him. Tim was incredibly handsome. Both oozed sex. They walked into a very busy restaurant but were immediately offered a prime table. A very attentive waiter brought bread and butter and a drink menu. "Two Brandy Dry Ginger's please." The drinks arrived, delivered by J. He was grinning as he said. "Your drinks Sir." "What are you doing here J?" "I'm having dinner over there." Pointing to a single table in a corner of the restaurant. "Please let me join you, pretty please." Cam could see no way out of this one thinking that J loved Tim. "Why not Tim, I think we need to talk to him any way." J was sat almost before Cam had finished the sentence. "I think you should tell J who I am Tim." Oh dear, the look of anguish told Cam how far away Tim was from analysing and solving the problem dumped in his lap before they came out to eat. "We don't have much company outside of work J. I was one of Dr. Baxter's cases four years ago. I was lucky, I never had to leave him. We live together now and are lucky enough to hot uncensored teen porn be totally happy in each other's company." J looked devastated, the message had registered instantly. Cam took his hand and squeezed it gently. "I'm sorry J, I love him as much as you do and I'm not about to share him." J burst into tears and rushed out to the restrooms. "That was brutal Cam, how could you?" "I like J Tim, if you want to take him to bed I don't really have a problem with it. But if you don't my approach was right." "I still think that was a bit brutal." "So do I. We'll make it up to him. Invite him home with us and we'll sleep three in a bed tonight." "You don't mean that Cam." "No not really, but I would xxx teen porn stars sooner share you than lose you or see that young man go off the deep end in some way." Tim headed for the restroom and finding J sobbing in an unlocked cubicle took him in his arms and cuddled him. "Cam wasn't being deliberately cruel J, he was just marking his territory. He loves me the same as you do." "No he doesn't Tim, no one in the world can love you like I do." "I'm afraid he does youngster. He would die without me, and me without him." The cry of anguish tore Tim's heartstrings. "Noooooooooo, you can't. Oh God Tim, I can't live without you either." Unusual for Tim in any situation, Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected was totally lost. All he could think to do was cuddle J until he calmed down. When they returned to the table Cam could see how worried Tim looked and how devastated J was. Tim put a hand on each of them. "I might be inviting a load of trouble that I can't handle Tim, but I hate to see you looking so lost and J is such a nice guy, maybe for tonight it would be a good idea for him to come home with us." J looked both astonished and delighted at the same time. Tim just looked as though he was about to have a fit. "Are you sure Cam?" Cameron laughed a very nervous laugh, hoping he had not just opened Pandora's Box. "No Tim, but I can't sit here and watch another lovely young man hurting inside." J was almost unable to speak he was so delighted. "Thank you Cam, I promise I will try to be good." "I'm sure you will youngster, if you aren't I'll throw you out." Dinner was ordered, eaten and coffee consumed. J followed Tim and Cam home driving his little drop head coupe. In the apartment Cam put on another coffee q teen porn filter and suggested coffee and liqueurs before bed, plus a talk. "J what do you expect of Dr. Baxter now that you are here and know how we feel about one another?" "I love him Cam and I know I am lonely. I guess I would just like to be able to cuddle up to him at night and look after him when he is working." "Are you gay J?" J blushed even though he knew that Tim was aware of his sexuality. "Yes I am." "So from cuddling I suppose you would want to move forward to a sexual relationship." Again J buy teen porn dvds blushed and this time dropped his head. "I expect so, Dr. Baxter is very sexy." "But he's nearly eleven years older than you J." "I know Cam but that doesn't make any difference to me." "I don't think I sharing free teen porn can share him J but if Tim has no objection I think we might plant you in between us tonight and give you lots of cuddles and you and Tim can set up a schedule for some private consultation. Is that ok with you Tim?" Poor Tim he looked completely shocked. "I don't think this is a good idea Cam. J teen slut pics can sleep over by all means but I think the black amateur teen porn spare bedroom would be a better idea." "Please Dr. Baxter, let me sleep with you and Cam. I promise to be good." Tim and Cam got ready for bed changing into boxers for sleeping instead of their normal nakedness. They both changed in the bathroom. J hopped into bed between them sliding his briefs off as he did so. "No J, I think you should wear your briefs." "I can't, they are too tight to sleep in." "Ok I'll get you another pair of boxers." "Please Dr. Baxter, let me sleep like this." Tim gave teen fresh porn in and J was transported to heaven as two sexy men snuggled up to him and cuddled him. As he was dropping off he turned and spooned into Tim feeling Tim's flaccid penis nestling in between his butt cheeks. Cam turned over as well and spooned into J. Miraculously that was it for the night. The morning was slightly different. All three had morning hard ons. J's pushing into Cam's butt and Tim's pushing into J's. J was gripping Cam's very firmly through his boxers. All three woke about the same time young nude teens teens and Tim and Cam moved away from J like scalded cats. "Please Dr. Baxter, please Cam, let me get rid of your morning free bbw teen porn wood." The answer was a very firm no but a wrestling match ensued instigated by J who was determined to see the hard cock of his idol. He succeeded in pulling Tim's boxers down and even managed one quick lick of the end of Tim's dick before Cam and Tim pinned him down. Lying on his back pinned down legal teen porn by the other two J was sporting a very substantial and very pretty cock and ball sac. They both looked and J sniggered as he said. "I hope you like what you see, you can do anything you like to me now, I won't struggle." "I'll tell you what I ought to do J and it isn't psychological it's a good spanking." "Oh yes please Dr. Baxter." All three of them roared with fresh young teen porn laughter and Tim headed for the bathroom to shower. Cam dragged J off to the guest bathroom where spare everything was kept to accommodate just this kind of stopover. "When you are ready J I'll see you in the kitchen for breakfast." "Thank you Cam." Breakfast over without any trauma and Tim had to leave for work. Cam was going later and it gave him a chance to talk to J. "How are you feeling this morning?" "Great, thank you for last night. Can I do it again and please can we have some sex?" Cam laughed, took J's face in his hands and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. "No we can't but you are a very sexy looking guy you should have no trouble finding partners for sex." "I don't Cam, but I don't xxx teen porn want just anyone for sex I want Dr. Baxter to make love to me." "I don't think he will J and even if he does he won't do it without me." J giggled like a little girl. "Well that's ok with me Cam you are a very sexy guy as well. free porn thongs teen Can we play now before you go to work?" "Definitely not, Tim would kill me. Now off you go. I suggest you try to set up an appointment with Tim and then go and find something to do." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J started to formulate the illegal underage teen porn plan that would get Tim into bed and Cam out of the way. Just before lunch he found Tim and when he was alone commenced the execution of that plan. Closing Tim's door he said, "I had the most incredible sex with Cam before he left for work Tim. He said you ought to try me before work finishes today and then tonight we could have a threesome." "J, I don't believe you and that is what I call mischief making. I am concerned for you free teen gay videos otherwise I would throw you out for that. Now, we need to talk, this infatuation with me is unhealthy, let's set up a schedule young teen homemade porn of consultations and see how we get on." "But I did have sex with Cam, I could tell you details of his cock as it entered me." "Stop it J, I don't believe you." "Well I did. Cam has about seven inches and it's thick." "You saw that this morning through his boxers. Now if you don't stop it I will do what you jokingly went for yesterday, I'll put you across my knee and spank your bottom like I would a naughty little boy." "Please Tim, will you, now?" "No, and you can drop the Tim, I am still Dr. Baxter to you." J realised his plan was coming apart very quickly and broke into tears again. Tim was a sucker for tears and immediately cuddled J and stroked his hair while whispering calming words to him. "Please spank me Dr. Baxter, I know I have been a naughty boy and non nude teen model deserve it." "No J I won't spank you but I know sexiest teen porn videos someone who will once I tell him what you tried on here. I love Cam more than life. If you were to succeed in breaking us up it would do you no good. I would hate you for the remainder of my life. You have to understand Cameron James is my life, I would die without him. You were admitted into a small part of it because Cam is compassionate, not because of me." J at blonde teen sex last understood the depths that love could go to. Persuade Cam to allow sex between the three of them was the only way to get a piece of Tim. J knew Tim would be working quite late so he sat outside his and Cam's apartment until Cam came home and then knocked. "Hello Cam. I thought you and I could have some fun until the good doctor comes home. He believed me when I told him you and I had sex this morning. You now have the name so we can have the game." Cam of course didn't believe tits teens him but rang Tim to see what had gone down during free webcam teen porn the day. Information in hand Cam replied. "If he wants spanking so badly and is so prepared to destroy our relationship I'm going to do it private teen porn and then throw him out." "I don't think you should do that Cam." "Well I'm going to Tim." "In that case I am on my way home and you must not throw him out." "Ok, see you shortly." Putting the phone down Cam went back into the lounge and told J to strip. "You have been lieing to me so I am going to humiliate you and spank you. You may want it now but believe me you won't when I am finished." Four years of teen incest porn good food, lots of gym time and martial arts training had turned Cameron into a real jock. He was very strong and J was about to find out. He stripped naked and stood in front of Cam with a partially erect cock. Cam grabbed it and squeezed it. "That will soon be very soft when I start on your bottom. Now, over my knees." J thought this was going to be very erotic. Cam's hand on his cock had sent a jolt of electricity through his body. He realised Cam was a very sexy man and sex with him would be great. He already knew Cam had fat teen girls porn a substantial package and the thought of being fucked by it had him fully hard by the time he was settled on Cam's lap. gay teen porn blog He free real teen porn spread his legs to get comfortable and Cam got hard as well. J had a very sexy little butt. Very tight and slim with two lush rounded cheeks. He was hairless there as well, which just made him look sexier. Cam stroked J's cheeks first getting him almost purring and Cam could feel the very hard penis digging into his teen panties pussy thighs. Then he started, he brought his right hand down very fast and hard eliciting a howl of pain from J. Taking his time so that the pain from each slap would have time to dissipate round J's body Cam administered twenty slaps to J's arse. It was very red, but still looked absolutely divine. He was also still erect. When he stood up in front of Cam, through his tears he said. "I'm sorry Cam but please now that you've punished me, fuck me. I want to feel you inside teen porn banned me." "I thought it was Dr. Baxter you wanted?" "Mmm, that would be nice but you are very sexy as well. Please make love to me." Tim had entered the apartment quietly hot teen porn 16years and seen the last of the spanking and the ensuing conversation. He now realised that J was just looking for a dominant male to control him and for him to serve. A possible answer therefore was for him and Cam to install J in the flat and both dominate him, using him for sex and punishing him while he looked for another dominant male to take their place. His contacts with young men made that a strong and plausible possibility. "I think you should Cam." Both young men looked shocked at Tim black mexican teen porn as he came through the door. "You aren't serious Tim are you?" Cam was obviously shocked as he said it. "Mmm. J, I want you to go through to the guest bathroom. There is a douche in one of the cabinets. Get it out and I will be in in a few minutes to give you an enema." J scuttled off realising he was about to have his wish. "Cam, J doesn't love me, or you. He is in love with the idea of having a dominant man to control him and make love to him. Without that he is a lost soul and if we leave him I think he will lose it and get himself in trouble. Let's keep him here as our house boy and sex toy until I can find a permanent replacement for us." "You can't be serious Tim." "I am baby but only if you agree to it. We can both make love to him anytime, teach him how to please a mate and look after his lover if we find him one. At the same time I can cute little teen porn make him hand over control of his money to teen titans animation porn a responsible adult so that no one can take advantage of him financially. Donald comes to mind. He will also make sure that J remains medically fit. He can join us for martial arts training and the gym. We'll teach him to cook and clean and generally be self-sufficient if he needs to be. It might also make him less submissive if he feels teen titans porn anime he can cope. I bet we have him sorted in a couple of months." "Well I do like him Tim, but I have never made love or been made love to by anyone other than you. If we do this it won't damage us will it?" "What do you think?" "I can make love to him, and teach him things and if necessary punish him and I know I will still love you more than life." "I feel the same way. I am sure that making love to and moulding a very attractive eighteen year old will be fun, but he will never replace you." "Ok, let's go for it. Tim I also think he should take classes or on the job training to manage his finances. He is incredibly wealthy isn't he?" "Yes Cam, he could ******** teens porn buy and sell both of us with petty cash from his hoard." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tim went through to the guest bathroom and gave J three enemas. It was very sexy because J was a well put together young man. "I want you to shower and clean your teeth after this J. Use a mouthwash as well and then come back through to the lounge in that bathrobe." Pointing to the white towelling half robe hanging on the door. Tim went and showered as well and Cam followed. All three young men were sat in the lounge half an hour later and Tim addressed J. "This is what Cam and I have agreed on frree young teen porn with regard to you J. None of the package I am about to lay out for you is negotiable. You take it all, stick to it rigidly or you are out. Cast adrift from us, finito, whatever terminology you want to attach to it, understood." "Yes Dr. Baxter." "Ok, first you can call me Tim. You can move into the spare bedroom here. Cam and I will make love to you when we feel like it so you will keep yourself clean at all times inside and out. We are going to teach you to look after us domestically, cook, clean, do laundry, iron, the works. If you get sloppy or stroppy we will punish you. You are going to attend gym and martial arts classes, mostly with Cam. He is one of these computer layabouts that thinks he is over worked if he does more than four hours a day." "Thank s lover." Cam said sarcastically and they both laughed. Tim continued, "You are going to hand over control of your fortune to a nominee of ours and you are going to classes and in work experience to learn how to handle it. Some nights we will allow you to sleep with us but only by invitation, Cam and I must be allowed our privacy when we want it. Your movements will not be restricted outside of your duties but if you ever fool around sexually with other guys without our permission you are out. Agreed?" "Yes Tim." "Good, when did you last have sex with any one?" J blushed, "Over a year ago. About two months before Mum and Dad died." "Ok, teen lesbian hunter when did you last have a blood test for HIV and any other STD's?" "Er, while I was in your plump redhead teen porn care." "Gospel truth?" "Yes Tim." "Alright, you want Cam to make love to you so I am going to allow it. The two of you can take our bedroom and Cam can have penetrative sex with you. I am going to watch and on some occasions I am going to take part. Ok." "Oh yes, thank you Tim. Thank you Cam." He scuttled off to the master bedroom with Tim and Cam following both smiling at each other as they went. "Take him off to paradise Cam, make it last a long time." "Mmm, ok but I'll make you jealous when you see what I can do if I am trying." They were giggling like schoolgirls when Cam shed his robe and fell onto the bed next to J. Tim pulled up a chair and sat conveniently placed to watch the action. "Ok J we are going to put on a show for that dirty old man over there." It was sometime before either of them stopped laughing enough to be able to start exploring each other. J just wanted cock so he dived straight onto Cam's hard penis and teen porn 3 pic started sucking it like crazy. Cam pulled him back up the bed and looking him straight in the eyes said, "Now, you listen to me. This isn't going to be a wham bam thank you ma'am session ok. I am going to show you how to make love so you just do as you are told." J nodded and gave himself to Cam completely. He received a million little kisses all over his body. By the time Cam returned to his lips J was in sensual overload. He was crying and gasping. Never in his wildest imaginings had someone turned him on like this and Cam had not played with him, just kissed him gently. The next step was the nipple torture. Licking and sucking on each nipple until J screamed. Then some tongue tickling of both sides of his chest and his little inny belly button. J almost lost it completely with the pleasure he was receiving. He was laughing and crying, gasping for every breath. When Cam started on his cock and balls he very nearly passed out. He orgasmed with a monstrous amount of cum shooting straight into Cam's mouth choking 321 gay teen chat him. Cam never stopped though he devoured cock and balls, perineum and pinky until J screamed again and begged Cam to fuck him hard and destroy him. Eventually Cam started to open him up with well lubed fingers before hooking J's feet over his shoulders and entering him with one teen free porn sex long slow stroke. As his pubic bush struck J's butt cheeks the boy opened his eyes as wide as saucers stopped crying and gasping and in a voice filled with awe sighed and said. "Fuck me Cam, that feels like nothing I have ever experienced in my life." Cam did as he was asked, but very slowly and full length strokes. He lasted nearly a half-hour before pumping the contents of his balls into J eliciting a screaming orgasm from him. Cam remained in J until he was completely soft before pulling out and rolling over. Tim replaced him and entered J immediately fucking him with long power strokes shocking J into a screaming fit and multiple orgasms. When Tim pulled out J was a complete mess, exhausted mentally and physically. They covered him with a light sheet and went for a shower. "My God Tim that was a ferocious fuck I think I might have passed out with that and I am used to you." "Well you made me pretty horny with that performance. I was almost jealous of J that was incredible." "You think I did ok then for my first time." "Yeah, I guess so." Showered and clad in bathrobes they sat either side of the bed gently caressing J's skin until he rejoined them. He looked at the two Gods sat either side asian teens porn of him and burst into tears. "Thank you Cam, thank you Tim. That was incredible, I love you both." They looked at each other and shrugged. They picked him up in their arms and carried him through to the bathroom where the tub had already been filled and put him in it before bathing him. J thought he had gone to heaven. These two men were beyond belief. They had made love to him like teen porn trailors nothing he had ever experienced in his life and were now pampering him in the bath. Stood between them and being dried with big fluffy towels J broke down again. "I don't deserve this. I was very wicked today trying to drive a wedge between you two." "Yes and you were punished for it. Nothing else need be said about it. We'll have some supper and then early to bed tonight. You can sleep with us if you like and we'll organise your day newbies teen porn in the morning. Right nude teen contest Cam." "Mmm, I think I can live with that." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J was still floating on air when teen titan porn videos he joined the others for breakfast. "I want you to take down Cam and my mobile numbers J before you go off to your house. Pack what you need for a couple of months and then close up hot horny teen porn your house and return here. Here's a set of keys, look after them. Put your gear in your room and make sure it is tidy. I want you to check in with me then and I will give you further instructions ok." "Yes Tim." "You are going to be subjected to a lot of loving because Cam and I are going to prepare you so that you can do to a lover what Cam did to you last night. You are also going to have lots of instruction at odd hours showing you how to look after yourself and a lover if necessary. We will sort out your finances at a later date, in the meantime you are not to use your credit cards for anything other than necessities, have the bills redirected here and I doggystyle teen porn will inspect them. Ok." There was defiance in J's eyes and Tim told him. "You do as you are told or you will be punished or ejected from this apartment J." Eyes dropped and a soft, "Yes Tim." It took J most of the day to carry out those instructions. He wasn't used to having to do anything for himself. Once everything was done he went out to one of the in bars and had a few drinks arriving back at the apartment the same time as Tim. Once inside Tim was about to quiz J on his day when he smelt the alcohol on his breath. "Have you been drinking and driving J." "Yeah, I had a couple. I was thirsty after my busy day." "Do you know about drink driving laws?" "Who cares, the fuzz are too stupid to catch me." "That is the sort of arrogance that will get you into trouble. But not while you are in this house. Go and get undressed in your room and come back here with your heaviest belt. I told you the consequences of any misbehaviour and drink driving is particularly stupid it could cost you and others their lives or much distress so I am going to cause you much distress." "I don't have to be strapped, you aren't my Father." "Correct J, he is dead, and I am not going to give you the chance to join him for a long time. Do as you are told or get boys teen porn out." The defiant look was there but Tim outstared him and he went. When he returned Tim couldn't help but admire the beautiful young man in front of him. Very softly while looking J's body up and down he said. "You truly are a beautiful young man J. I will take no pleasure in this but you are not coming to live here for a holiday. You are here to learn and if you are lucky to be loved as well." "I'm sorry Tim. I will forbidden teen porn try harder to please you in future. Please don't beat me." "I'm sorry J, forgiving you with no punishment will just encourage you to do it again. Bend over that chair. Grip the arms and spread your legs. If you move before I am finished I will start again." Tim wanted to fuck the pretty butt sticking up to greet his eyes not lay into it with a leather belt. But he did. Ten good hard licks. J was screaming and sobbing from number two onwards. He pinoy teen porn collapsed after the last one and Tim carried him to his room laid him on the bed on his tummy, covered his bottom in a soothing Aloe Vera and left him. Cam was quite shocked at Tim when he came home and heard the story. "Tim I've never known you to be cruel but that sounds wicked. Corporal punishment is ok girl teen porn pics as a quick reminder of indiscretions but ten with a belt is a bit heavy isn't it?" Looking a little bit contrite Tim admitted it probably was, but drink driving could have such dire consequences. "I'm going to see him." Tim nodded his assent and Cam found a beautiful young man lying naked on his bed with a very bruised bottom. Sliding onto the bed teen porn young girl alongside J Cam gathered him into his arms and caressed him. "Tim went a little over the top J but he did it because he is concerned for you. We both want you to be happy here and we want you to learn to be responsible as well. Please try not to do stupid things. I will be very unhappy to see that cute butt bruised again." J cried into Cam's chest soaking his shirt. "I'm sorry Cam, I'll try to be good. I love being here with you and Tim. He won't throw me out will he?" "I don't think so youngster. We both love you a little you know that don't you?" "Really Cam, really love me?" "Yes of course we do. You wouldn't be here otherwise. We both want you to free teen sex mpegs be happy." When he had calmed down Cam told him teen porn 86 to slip a robe on and come back to the lounge. "I'm sorry Tim, I'll try to be better in future." "I'm sorry too J. I was a little brutal but I worry about you and drink driving can have such awful consequences." Apologies made and accepted, apart from one bruised bottom everything returned to normal for the evening. At bedtime Cam went through to J's room to administer another dose of Aloe Vera. He couldn't resist the teen and dog porn temptation to run a finger down the pussy teen hardcore porn crack of J's butt and just play with his pinky for a minute. "You have such a pretty butt J and your pinky is so sexy. Hurry up and mend, I want to make love to you again." J turned over and looking deep into Cam's eyes said, "Really xxx teen Cam, do you really want to make love to me again?" "Yes, absolutely." "Even when Tim isn't here?" "Yes if that is how it works out. Tim and I have agreed that we can teach you about love making any time." J sniggered and said. "In that case I have lots of incentive to be good. I loved what you did to me yesterday." Everything returned to normal very quickly. J was determined to please his two new mentors, but he realised it was Cam that he loved the most. Tim had been a crutch for him when he lost his parents. He wasn't stupid and knew that he needed purpose in his life and a lover or companion. Cam would fit the bill perfectly. He was made love to frequently, mostly by Cam who worked less hours. He was taught how to give good head and was promised the active role one day if he was good. The thought of actually fucking Cam was almost enough to ejaculate over without touching his penis. "I think J is getting more sex from you nowadays than I am Cam. Are you sure you aren't falling in love with him?" "Oh no Tim, I'm way passed that. I think he is adorable. I love him to pieces." Tim looked shocked until Cam laughed and said, "But he can't even come close to being loved as much as I love you." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J had been living with Tim and Cam for about two months becoming more and more download film teen porn self-sufficient. This proved a problem in itself because with the self-sufficiency came maturity and an independent streak. It made him very attractive to Cam who saw in him a mirror image of himself four years previously as Tim nurtured him. Tim noticed it as well and was therefore quite worried when he had to go away for a week for a course. teen and dog sex He left very explicit instructions for J that were totally unnecessary because he was into his routine of work, gym and domestic chores. After Tim had gone J asked Cam if he could sleep with him every night while Tim was away. "I should hope so J, we are going to have some raunchy sex. But, you needn't think that you will be getting away with anything because I am loving you every night." J laughed and said, "Ooh, big butch master, are you going to tiffany teen nude pics spank me then?" "Yes if you deserve it and don't think I am kidding. I've done it before and I can do it again." "Mmm, lovely, but only if you fuck me afterwards." Cam slapped him playfully on the butt and said, "Little masochist, I look like getting a sore hand spanking you this week and a sore cock from fucking you." "Oh yummy." Both young men fell about laughing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J was over the moon with the new set up Cam worked a limited number of hours and by being clever with his routine he could work out with Cam in the gym and be at home for his domestic chores when Cam was in the house. The second day after having been made love to by Cam the previous night tokyo teen porn J bought a frilly apron and a feather duster. absolute teen porn When Cam was sat in the study doing some paperwork J came in dressed in just the frilly apron and started using the feather duster on the picture frames and bookshelves. Cam looked up from his work and nearly fell off his chair laughing. J was laughing with him knowing that he was turning Cam on. "I'm going teen ass pics to follow you round and if I detect one bit of dust where you have been I am going to spank that cute butt." "Ooh, promises, promises." Over the next teen bondage porn ten minutes J deliberately left small tracts of dust for Cam to find and received a couple of quick swats on his bottom each time. Hard enough to tingle and feel incredibly erotic. Both young men were laughing by the time teen porn free picture J reached Cam's desk and both of them had extremely hard erections J's teen porn stars nude tenting the front of his apron. Cam pushed J over his desk and held him down while he spanked him for several minutes before running his hand over J's butt and between his legs to play with his balls. The tingle in his butt from Cam's hand stroking it took him over the top and he orgasmed on the floor. "You mucky, disgusting little masochist, I am going to severely punish you for free teen fat porn this." Each word was emphasised with a slap on J's rump. But Cam had been teen porn barely 18 using his free hand to take his clothes off so that by the time he had finished spanking J he free teen pussy pics was naked and with a lot of spit on his cock slid it into J's cute butt and said, "And this is your severe punishment." The ensuing shag had J almost bouncing round the room. "Oh God Cam that is incredible please don't stop." Cam did. "This is supposed to be a punishment, you are supposed to be begging for mercy." "Oh yes, please stop master, please don't fuck me hard any more. Please stop pushing your wonderful penis into my poor little bum." They both lost it. Cam did fuck J to orgasm but they were both laughing so much that the orgasms were not that great. The fun was though. "That was a piss poor fuck J. I shall have to do that again tonight." J stood up and rolled into Cam's arms. With his cutest puppy dog look he whispered, "Will you really Cam?" "You bet I will, you are as sexy as all get out." More hoots of laughter and any further work became a distant thought. The two cock hounds spent the next two hours devouring each other and Cam had two superb orgasms inside J. "I love you J, you are an amazing young man." "Hey, not so much of the young, I am only four years younger than you. Do you really love me Cam?" "Mmm, yes I do. If I didn't have Tim I would make a complete fool of myself over you. You are such a special guy, whoever you end up with will be incredibly lucky." "Please Cam, let it be you. No one has ever made me feel as good as you do. Poor little rich boy no one ever really loved me for me." "Well I do but my love for Tim defies explanation. He is my world and if I am good for you and to you it is only because of him." "I don't believe that Cam, I think you are naturally an amazing guy." "Well thank you kind Sir, but shall we go and eat." "Yes I'm hungry after all that sex. Do you think Tim would be angry if I bought you dinner at the Italian where this all started?" "No I don't think so, but why don't we avoid the possibility by letting me pay." Cam could see J getting ready to protest so he threw in, "Hell it doesn't matter who pays, it's only money and we're both rich boys so." And he shrugged. "Are you really rich Cam?" "Well, not as rich as you but I won't starve come unemployment if it ever happens." Both czech teen porn tgp young men looked a million dollars as they walked into the restaurant and received VIP treatment again. The next few days saw Cam and J bonding more and more. The day before Tim was due back Cam told J it was time for his first examination. "What Exam. No one said anything about me sitting exams." "Oh you won't be sitting for this one. I have been making love to you for nearly a week non-stop. Your exam., on which I will mark you is to make love to me. You choreograph it completely." J's face broke into a massive grin when he realised what Cam had said. "Seriously Cam?" "Yes seriously, I want to see how good you can be as a top. You have been pretty spectacular as a bottom all this week." J thought about this for sometime before telling Cam the agenda. "OK lover you are going to get a rough fuck and then I'm going to take you to bed and see if we can discover paradise together. Enema, shower and then the Study in just a pair of briefs." J did the same and was sat on the couch in the study when Cam came in. Both of them were half hard with anticipation of what was to come. "I want you stood between my legs hands behind your back" Cam obliged and J immediately started to nuzzle Cam's cock through the thin material of his briefs. At the same time he started using his hands to stroke the insides of Cam's thighs. Within seconds there were two extremely hard cocks trying to get out of the briefs covering them. Cam's were wet on the outside lesbian teens free homemade from all J's spittle and on the inside from all the pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. After about five minute of this J pulled Cam's briefs down and told him to stand legs wide spread while he resumed only now he was working a naked dick. Licking it all over, sucking on the glans and giving it a tongue bath while playing with Cam's balls and nipples. Cam was beginning to lose it so J told him to go over underage teen porn sites to the desk, lay on it on his back and bring his legs up over his shoulders spread wide. J followed and almost orgasmed as he saw Cam's pinky on open display with a clear view of all his anatomy. It was gorgeous and J attacked it with his tongue almost licking cam's perineum and arse crack away, continuing to play with Cam's cock and balls at the same time. He slid his briefs off and grabbed a tube of lube which he used on himself and Cam's arse. With no other foreplay J entered Cam in one smooth stroke. Cam screamed because J was bigger even than Tim and it felt like he had just had a wine bottle pushed up inside him. As the pain eased J started to fuck him with long slow strokes very quickly taking Cam over the top. With the continuing stimulation of his prostate Cam started to multiple orgasm squealing with the pleasure of it. Both boys were so lost in lust that they didn't notice Tim stood in the doorway watching them until J orgasmed nearly pushing Cam off the desk with the force of his fucking. Both of them nearly screamed the walls down the orgasms were so intense. J fell forward onto Cam and said. "I love you Cam, I love you so much, I hope that was good for you." "Mmm, that was fantastic and I love you too. Very much." "Perhaps I had better go away again then if you both love each other so much." Both young men were on their feet looking open mouthed at Tim in a milli-second "You aren't due back until tomorrow." Cam blurted out. "I know, I finished a day early because I thought you might be missing me. What I have just witnessed has scotched that idea." Cam realised how it must have looked and sounded. Very seriously he said to Tim, "Don't be nude teen videos free daft. Of course I have missed you. Yes I love J and we have had some great sex, but you knew we would. Tim, nothing has changed this week, you are still my life, please don't be jealous or angry." Tim looked at the man that was his soul mate, lover, friend and his shoulders slumped. "That just looked so incredible, I don't know if I could make love to you that intensely." "Yes, we do appear to have taught J rather well don't we? But Tim, teen anal porn gallery you only have to touch me for me to be putty in your hands." J was watching this interchange with a deepening hardcore porn teen feeling of gloom. He thought this week had started the beginning of the end pussy sex teen for Tim and Cam but now he could see that Cam loved Tim totally. He started to cry. "What is it J, are you hurt?" "No Cam. I thought you and I might have a chance, I teen bedroom porn really do love what we have had this week but now I can see I can't replace Tim teen twink gay porn and that has made me sad." Cam cuddled him. "I'm sorry youngster. You are very special and I do love you and it is true that if I didn't have Tim I would be yours, but Tim is my life I can't even imagine life without him." Tim relaxed and walked over free busty teen porn to the two boys and gave them both kisses. "I am sure we can work something out. Now why don't you go and clean up and join me for drinks in the lounge." Tim was putting on a brave face but what he had just witnessed was the actions of two young men very much in love. However intense the lovemaking, you didn't orgasm like that just out of lust. That was deep and intense love. Well, that free teen porn positions is your part 2, now I am going to keep you on tenterhooks for a little while wondering whether Tim is on his way out and Cam and J become lovers. I have to do a part 3 for "Robbery" and keep posting chapters for "The Future", but if you like this I will try not to keep you waiting too long.
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